'Keeping up the pressure'

Brochure NAM GLT, cover 'Keeping up the pressure' is a specialized brochure published by NAM (Nederlandse Aardolie Maatschappij) and Stork GLT vof. Stork GLT vof is a partnership of five contractors working on the large-scale refurbishing of the 'Groningen' natural gas field.
Over a period of two decades, the production installations of the field are being renovated. Powerful compressor stations are installed so NAM can keep up the production of natural gas for another thirty to fifty years. The partnership of NAM and its contractors and the organization of the work were so rare that people from the oil and gas industry kept asking for a explanation. NAM and its partners in Stork GLT decided to publish a business-to-business brochure to explain it all, from the contracting procedure to the technology. Concept (including the title) and text are by me; design is by De Zaak Launspach in Rotterdam, most of the photos are by Hans Banus, Stadskanaal. Haverlag in Zaandam took care of the printing.